Custom Botique Internet Mixing Mastering Audio Postproduction


What We Need From You:
  • Please read all the information provided below and on the FAQ page, if you have any questions contact us.

  • The preparation of the multi-track files that will be provided for mixing need to be properly prepared by you. Tuning or timing issues may not be resolved in the mixing process. Minor amounts of tuning and/or editing may be requested however if the engineer determines the amount of tuning/editing needed will cut into your mix time you will be informed. Tuning and editing are available as add ons to the package of your choice for an extra cost. It is most cost effective for you to do any tuning or editing on your own time. As to not take away from mixing time, any large amounts of tuning and editing will be charged for.

  • Files are to be sent as WAV or AIFF files @ 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 kHz; 16 or 24 bit (24 bit preferred).

  • Please be sure to supply us with mono or stereo files that are free from audio clipping and are clearly labeled. Stereo files are considered and will be counted as 2 separate tracks. Example: Piano L & R will be counted as 2 tracks.

  • Clipping and/or distortion CAN NOT be removed in the mixing process. Be sure to leave ample headroom when printing your multi tracks.

  • Please ensure that all files are the same duration, sample rate and bit depth. All mutli-track files provided need to be consolidated or bounced from the beginning of your song (bar 1 beat/start time code 00:00).

  • DAW sessions will not be accepted

  • A track is counted as one sound and cannot contain multiple sounds or instruments. For example a vocal track cannot contain a piano hook in the middle. If you wish to reduce the number of tracks you can bounce sub mixes. Combining backing vocals and harmonies is a good starting point. Be sure that all tracks are in tune, have proper timing and have the desired panning prior to bouncing the track.

  • Please make sure all multi-track files to be included in your song have been properly uploaded.

  • Please supply multi tracks that are free from any effects or reverb. These will be added in the mixing process. If there is a certain effect you would like to have in your song please provide both versions (one copy of the processed track with the effect and one without). Please ensure they are both properly labeled. We will not count the track without the effect towards the total number of tracks.

  • We do not accept MIDI files. Any MIDI/virtual instruments need to be sent as an audio file.

  • Once payment is received a questionnaire will be sent, please fill out with as much detail as possible. Any information the engineer has ahead of time will be used to achieve the sound you are looking for. Please include a “rough/reference mix” of your song and/or a commercially released song for reference.

  • A link for upload will be sent upon payment.

** there will be extra charges for songs over 6 minutes

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